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main responsibilities is responsible for building routine security work, such as customer complaints / inquiries, visitor registration, patrol, follow-up building matters to assist the school daily activities, such as crowd and traffic control, elevator control, site set up and restore, and other surveillance security systems, reported better system to protect the safety of school property and school users to assist the development of school inspections and periodically change the route daily regular inspections of schools assisted in the preparation table more supervisors security guards to handle emergencies such as fire, water leakage, and fill out reports to help manage frontline security guards Execute higher allocation of designated work

hold B executed by the Commissioner of Police under the Security and Guarding Services Ordinance (Chapter 460) Section 14 authorization effective class university security personnel security work permit has a good physique, good physical and mental health groomed, generous manner easy to get along, to students, faculty and visitors polite but stick to the principle of courage to question and investigate suspicious events or people have University security or related experience more each have at least one (1) a contractor security guards hold, AMS or the Hong Kong Red Cross, issued by the St. John ambulance in accordance with the occupational safety and health Regulation (Cap 509A) of Article 17 eligible emergency personnel certificate, and know how to use automated external defibrillator officially the current value of all security personnel must attend initial training courses provided by the integrated facilities management, integrated facilities management company should also offer refresher courses during the contract all contractors The security guard must hold the University Security Officer’s ID during the duty period. (Copies are not accepted, the contractor must be registered as a security guard at the university employers) doing things careful, diligent and active good attitude and polite good problem-solving skills good basic Cantonese and English, knowledge of reading and writing Chinese 3 or above education, and have at least three years of relevant work experience, school or commercial experience preferred know how to use fire-fighting equipment to understand how it works and the use of fire-fighting equipment, has been involved in related training courses to be held by the St. John ambulance, AMS or the Hong Kong Red Cross Eligible first-aid certificate issued or equivalent All security personnel must have good working ability and efficiency of the security guards of the university training, supervision and direction must be performed by an experienced executive-level staff integrated facilities management company will provide training for security guards, uniforms, equipment / devices, and personal protective equipment key performance Measures key performance indicators in line with the contract and service level performance indicators to achieve the desired customer satisfaction related to the contract effective management of resources to ensure the smooth operation of the customer's business

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  • Min. Qualification D3
  • Min Experience Supervisor / Coordinator



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