PT. Agro Boga Utama

Company Overview

Agro Boga Utama didirikan dengan visi yang progresif untuk memberikan inovasi, efisiensi dan efektivitas biaya kepada Food Service Industry. Satu dekade kemudian, Agro Boga Utama telah memantapkan dirinya sebagai pemasok utama produk Daging Sapi Halal, Lamb, Mutton, Goat, Chicken, Duck, Dairy, Fish, Seafood, dan Sayuran segar

Why join us?

A.B.U.’s mission is to be a industry-leading, profitable, efficient and reliable supplier of high quality, fresh hygienic, nutritious Halal products , ensuring our customer’s needs are met ( or exceeded ) in a professional, courteous and timely manner. Our vision is to be a nation-wide preferred supplier of a diverse range of fresh Halal products; where we always have what our customers require ; and that the “A.B.U.” name is synonymous with trustworthiness, quality and reliability.


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Location Jl. RC veteran (Hj. Ropiah) No.9B Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan 12230
Jakarta Selatan - Jakarta - Indonesia